At S.K ROOFS we provide flat roof services for Toronto and surrounding areas.  We use the highest quality of materials to install flat roofs. A flat roof is only as strong as its weakest point and our flat roof contractors pay particular attention to these areas.

That way we maximize the life expectancy of the flat roof. Typically, the deficiencies are found at the termination point of a flat roof, where one piece of material ends and another piece begins, around drains, roof edges and gutters.


These damages are usually caused by sunlight and temperature changes where workmanship is critical. 80% of the flat roofs we serviced over the years were due to the problems in these areas.



We can help you determine if your flat roof can be maintained or needs to be replaced. We replace and repair all types of flat roofs, Industrial, Commercial, Townhouse Complex, Property Maintenance and Residential.

When a flat roof leaks, you need to fix it quickly. Water leakage can cause severe damage to the structure and ruin the contents inside. Large and small, we do them all. We can help you determine if it is time to repair or replace your flat roof. Our flat roof service repair technician will inspect the flat roof thoroughly and provide you with a written quotation based on your budget.

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